Magazine ELLE Agoust 2014

The prestigious magazine ELLE, reference in international publications of fashion and trends, has published in their issue of August 2014 our DERMO CAPILLARY MASK mask as the best option for care of scalp and hair this summer.

DERMO CAPILLARY MASK is a treatment “mask” with balancing, oxygenating, relaxing and revitalizing action on the scalp and hair. Applying dry directly on the scalp has an exfoliating effect such that a peeling but without damaging the protective acid mantle of skin as it acts osmotically. Ideal for people with problems too dry dandruff or oily dandruff and skin conditions.

DERMO CAPILLARY MASK also be used after washing hair as a conventional mask but the results on the hair fiber are nothing conventional, turning, thus a benchmark among the most popular masks.

Thus we speak of a dual action treatment (scalp and hair) with profits so far not seen in the market.

simone trichology in elle magazine

Along with the magazine ELLE, THE GLOSSY GIRLS blog posted by ELLE beauty team and formed by the editors Blanca González Rufino and Paola Sáez de Montagut, make a deeper reference about our well known hair mask DERMO CAPILLARY MASK.

To see what they say these two great professionals look at the following link