Sebum Regulating System Kit


SEBUM REGULATING SYSTEM KIT is the response to the problem  that supposes the excess of seborrhea secretion and the greasy dandruff with its inevitable symptoms: itching, redness and desquamation.


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SEBUM REGULATING SYSTEM KIT is the response to the problem, more and more frequent that supposes the excess of sebaceous secretion (seborrhea or fat) and the greasy dandruff (pityriasis steatoides) with its inevitable symptoms, itching, redness and desquamation.

SEBUM REGULATING SYSTEM KIT is completely natural, totally compatible with any cosmetologic treatment, fast-acting on any capillary problem related to excess of sebaceous secretion, the results are evident within days.


Apply NATURAL POLYPLANT SEBUM CONTROL TREATMENT 150ml thrice weekly after washing the hair with shampoos SEBUM REGULATING SHAMPOO 200ml and ATP OXYGEN EQUILIBRIUM SHAMPOO 200ml for 12 consecutive weeks.

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