The day that the man stopped being a hominid, the alopecia’s problem went with him of hand. Since the beginning of first Egyptians tribes, located in High Egypt, towards 15000 B.C. (Amratiense culture ), when Babylonia was only a dream, happening for Rome, where the law was forcing to the prostitutes to put oneself on a yellow peruke with the clear target to distinguish them from other ladies or the very same Julius Cesar, obsessed with his problem, it began to use crowns of laurel for hiding the absence in hair of his head, up to our days; the man always has searched the solution at this problem: miraculous ointments, philters and gifts, any thing to obtain such a valued long hair, synonymous of youth, health and virility. Hippocrates, father of the medicine and bald from very young, took part actively in the search of a remedy up to the point that the most advanced form of the alopecia takes his name; Hippocratic alopecia.

17.000 years later, this loss of hair far from stopping having his importance, in our society, the society in whom we live, it mark a few model of beauty governed in the youth, associate youth to a leafy hair.

The lack of hair is not only a problem of aesthetic character, but also it can affect the psyche of the person, going so far as to provoke feelings of vulnerability and loss of auto esteem.

Nowadays, already we have in knowledge the causes of this problem. Of entry, not only exists an only one alopecia, it exist various kinds, alopecia Areatas, alopecia Post Partum, Thyroid, all with different origins and causes; but the most common and worrying alopecia keeps on being the same, the Androgenetic alopecia.

The relation of the sexual masculine hormones in development of the alopecia knows her from many centuries behind. The union of the testosterone (T), masculine excellent hormone, with one enzyme (5alfareductasa), gives place to a hormonal malfunction, the dihidro testosterone (DHT) very harmful to the hair that produces an inflammation in the sebaceous glands and a progressive miniaturization of the bulbs with atrophy in the papilla in every cycle of growth, for finishing with the inevitable closing of follicle, not leaving that takes place a new capillary regeneration.

The causes of this alopecia owe to genetic – hereditary factors, hormonal malfunctions, alterations of the nervous system, and especially and like already said at first: the action of the DHT on the hair follicles recipients.

Little the ancient ones could imagine that we ourselves are the origin and cause of our problem.